Steve’s Story

When I first came to OPENhouse, I had already lived in other supported housing;  I was ready to move on to the next stage of independence. I wanted to get help and support to become even more independent and hoped to eventually get a place of my own.

To begin with I shared a house with two other young people. I had regular support to learn to cook for myself, I learnt about utility bills and keeping topped up and in credit, I learnt how to keep the home clean. We used to have weekly house meetings where we would talk to each other and sort out any household issues we were having.

My support is good because I decide what I want and need to do and my support worker helps me make it happen.

Sometimes things don’t just happen overnight and I have to try things more than once, it helps to keep an open mind, support helps me with this.

I now live on my own in my own flat, I still receive floating support, it helps me manage life in bite sized chunks.