Our History

OPENhouse was founded in 1978, under the company name Shire Training Workshops Ltd. We rebranded as OPENhouse in October 2011, although our registered charity and company name remains Shire Training Workshop.

Shire Training Workshops was originally setup to work with disengaged young people by providing training, education and development workshops. Although OPENhouse has developed significantly throughout these years it has developed in accordance with, our charitable vision, mission, values, and core principles. Throughout the organisation the principles of Steiner were respected, especially through the educational department. To reinforce this further, the education department was re-launched as the Creative Learning Centre in September 2011.

Due to funding cuts it was decided to close the creative learning department in December 2018. This decision allowed us to focus on the supported living and enhanced support work for young adults with multiple and complex needs.  This work provides supported housing along with the structure and support to help them develop their skills to enable them to live independently with confidence as they face the future.

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